If you are an assistance or insurance company, we can provide the transfers for your customers.

Emergency Medical Services

The service is managed by the Coordinator Center of the Administration to attend the emergencies that happen daily at the territory.

Ambulances Egara deploys the human (drivers and paramedics) and material resources (ambulances and equipment) to effectively provide the service.

The medical staff is provided by the Administration.

These services guarantee the stabilization of the patient and assure his transfer to the proper medical center notified by the Coordinator Center with the maximum guarantees and the shortest time.

These transfers can be classified of 2 types, according to origin and destination of those:


Origin: where the emergency has happened

Destination:  medical center


Medical among centers

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services o

Are all the transfers, mainly programmed in advanced (dialyses, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, regular visits at medical centers, etc.) in addition to the hospital discharge, for all the users of the System of Health of the territory of reference, to take them to / from its residence or medical center or vice versa.