Founded in 1984 by Jaime Simon Planas (1937-2019).

Since the 2006 managing both services for Catsalut, initially at the area of Vallès Occidental, and since 2015 in Lleida and Tarragona, fact that endorses our commitment with the sanitary service of the area.

We have a large implantation in Catalonia and Aragon.

Mission, vision
and values

Our Mission is to offer services of EMS and NEPTS with the highest standards of quality using the best human & material resources. Ambulances Egara has the top-quality ambulances and employs over 1.200 people. Our main assets are our employees, as well as the equipment we use, and the management of those.

At mid-term, we want to be the reference of a new management model providing the service on a much more dynamic and communicative way with the stakeholders of the business, and mainly focused to the comfort of the patient (end-user of the service), together with a main technological development that allows us to be at the top. This is our Vision.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims to contribute to the economic and social improvement, the respect for the environment, give value to the society and its inhabitants. These are our Values. We are people at the service of people. We do over 600.000 services, with an accuracy index over 97%. Our best reward is the satisfaction of the patient.

High-qualified employees

Ambulances Egara has a team of over 1.200 professionals that are our best asset. Among them, over 1.100 are PTS and EMS drivers and paramedics.

With their experience and knowledge can provide the proper service at any time, for the benefit of the patients.

Our on-going training allow us to have the best teams to attend PTS and specially EMS, when high-risk situation require haste, self-assurance, and empathy.

Our commitment is to provide a minimum of 20,000 hours of training to our staff, which is equivalent to 20 hours per employee.


Today we have over 380 ambulances with a wide variety of models that allows us to cover every type of service, depending the needs of the patient:

  • Regular with or without stretchers

  • Convencional (A1)

  • Bariatric

  • Psychiatric

  • Basic life Support (BLS)

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)

We also have Field hospitals.

Annual Servicies
Logistics centers

Logistic centers

Social commitment

Our commitment with the quality of the service, Ambulances Egara is certified by:

  • ISO-9001. Quality Management
  • UNE-179002 Quality Management for transport companies

The equality of opportunities, no discrimination among all human beings, are some of the considerations contemplated at our GEP, where are registered the goals we want to achieve,  as well as the strategies and practices that will lead us the achievement.

> Equality Plan

We are driven by a series of principles and values that share all our employees, so we all focus on those so the behavior of all of us leads to the fulfillment of the service.

Este código ético nos permite garantizar a nuestros empleados trabajar en un marco de trabajo saludable, fomentando el respeto a las personas, la sociedad y el medio ambiente.

The corruption and the fraud go against economic development, justice and the society itself. We condemn any practice out of the law, for this reason never have worked neither will with individuals, companies or administrations that breach the laws.

As a result of our experience, we have developed systems of work that allows us to get excellent results that have been tested and verified by experts. In this way we achieve that at future services or situations of the same nature, same procedures are followed.

The on-going training of our employees allows us to get better results at the internal and

La formación continua de nuestro personal nos permite obtener continuamente mejores resultados en los procesos internos y externos.